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Experience the ultimate in professional fight gloves with the Cleto Reyes Official Lace Up Competition Boxing Gloves - widely acknowledged as the most renowned choice in the industry! These gloves boast an elegant Mexican design while delivering unparalleled quality and comfort. As the preferred option of world champions, these gloves feature a traditional slim design for exceptional precision.

Crafted using the finest leather and filled with horse hair, and subjected to rigorous quality control measures, they guarantee top-notch performance. The anatomically designed gloves come with extra long laces and attached thumbs, providing added safety by preventing eye injuries and minimising the risk of thumb injuries. Additionally, they are equipped with a water-repellent nylon lining for enhanced durability.

Rest assured, these exceptional gloves have received authorisation from various boxing commissions, a testament to their authenticity and compliance with industry standards.

Please note that the weight options available are as follows: 8oz for welterweight and lower categories (105 to 147lbs.), and 10oz for super welterweight and higher divisions (154lbs). These gloves are available for both men and women, making them suitable for all fighters.

Customer Reviews

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Worth every penny

Took a while to buy these but so glad I did. Felt amazing from the first session, soft leather and incredibly comfortable grip. Didn't need wearing in.

Jayne Smith

They are brilliant

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